Leone La Ferla spa

Leone la Ferla Calce e Carbonato Sicilia


Producers of lime in Syracuse

Producers of lime in Syracuse

With Leone La Ferla spa, you can trust in uncompromising quality supported by internationally recognized standards.

Who we are

Excellence in Lime Production since 1724

Three hundred years of activity, research and commitment have been and are shared daily by the Company’s Management along with their trained technical staff and supported by valid operators. 

Great results have been achieved since Company’s foundation to date and, in consideration of ongoing investments, the Management believes the best is yet to come. 

Our production capacity is in excess of 100,000 tonnes of lump lime per year and this is the result of a constant commitment to technological innovation.

Our certifications

Leone La Ferla spa is proud to hold internationally recognized certifications including ISO 9001 for effective quality management, ISO 14001 for responsible ecological practices, CE and DoP for compliance with safety and performance standards. Additionally, our inclusion in niche registries such as REACH, Historic Enterprise, and Historic Brand further exemplifies our dedication to excellence and sustainability.
Produttori di calce Sicilia orientale - Leone La Ferla spa


Verified and reliable industrial processes

Producers of lime in Syracuse

To guarantee high standards across people, products and environmental sustainability the Company’s Management has implemented and streamlined simple but effective processes, as follows: – people constant training and motivation; – technologically cutting-edge systems; – lab analysis and careful control of raw materials; – lab analysis and continuous control of finished products; – innovative production cycles, organized in a way to always meet customers’ requests; – timely and punctual products’ deliveries to customers made via selected and reliable carriers;

Environmental Commitment

Sustainability at the core of production

Produttori di Calce Sicilia Orientale

We have adopted ISO 14001 standards to integrate environmental management practices, focusing on environmental protection, pollution prevention, and reducing energy and resource consumption.

Our implementation focuses on environmental aspects that we can control and influence, meeting regulatory requirements, and promoting sustainable business management.

Produttori di calce Sicilia orientale - Leone La Ferla spa

Produttori di calce Sicilia orientale

Produttori di calce Sicilia orientale - Leone La Ferla spa


Safety and Chemical Responsibility

Produttori di Calce Sicilia Orientale

At Leone La Ferla Spa, we adhere to the European Union’s REACH regulation, which has been in effect since 2007 and applies to substances produced or imported into the EU in quantities of 1 tonne or more per year. We actively engage in the assessment and management of chemical risks, providing detailed safety information to our users. This compliance demonstrates our commitment to responsible and standards-compliant use of chemical substances employed in production.

Produttori di calce Sicilia orientale - Leone La Ferla spa

300 years of history

In the name of continuous innovation

Produttori di Calce Sicilia Orientale

We have obtained the historic trademark thanks to the registration of the brand maintained for over 50 years, demonstrating the continuity and effective use of the corporate identity.

At the same time, we are enrolled in the Historical Business Register for our long history and operational continuity in the industry for over 100 years, confirming our stable presence and solidity in the market.


Producers of lime in Syracuse

Headquarters and Offices:

Via Giuseppe La Ferla, 1
96010 Melilli (Siracusa)

Tel. 0931/914001 (Switchboard)
Fax 0931/914005

Email: info@leonelaferlaspa.it
PEC Email: info@pec.leonelaferlaspa.it

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