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Production of lime in Italy

Production of lime in Italy

At the heart of our offerings lies lime, a timeless natural material with a rich history dating back over 4,000 years. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and meticulous production techniques, we transform limestone into quicklime through controlled decarbonation processes. Additionally, our production capabilities extend to hydrated lime, achieved through precise hydration methods.

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Our Production

Production of lime in Italy

Our commitment to quality begins with the sourcing of limestone from our carefully cultivated deposits, ensuring adherence to the strictest environmental standards. With an abundance of reserves and minerals boasting exceptional purity, Leone La Ferla Spa stands at the forefront of lime production, poised for a future of endless possibilities.

Our limestone extraction process is conducted in open-air environments, prioritizing environmental sustainability while maintaining the integrity of our natural resources. Through continuous investments and strategic development initiatives, we aim to provide our customers with an extensive array of high-quality finished products, tailored to their specific requirements.

Our production

Production of lime in Italy

By amalgamating centuries-old Italian lime traditions with cutting-edge international technologies, Leone La Ferla Spa unlocks the potential of lime across a myriad of industrial applications. Join us in embracing the limitless possibilities of this natural wonder as we redefine excellence in the modern industrial landscape.

Discover the essence of excellence with Leone La Ferla Spa, where we offer a range of premium lime and lime carbonate products meticulously crafted to meet the diverse needs of modern industries.

Calcium Oxide

Calcium oxide, essential in various sectors such as steelmaking, agriculture, chemical industry, and ecology, is used for treating the molten bath, correcting soil pH, producing chemical compounds, and managing purification sludges. Its versatility extends to land reclamation in infrastructure projects, making it a key element for airports and roads.
Superventilated hydrated lime

Superventilated hydrated lime

Superventilated hydrated lime is a specialized product for the purification of acidic fumes in incineration plants, thermal power plants, and ceramic industries. Its high specific surface area and fineness make it efficient in removing acidic compounds during combustion, while in fabric filters, it acts as an aid in retaining the finest and most dangerous particles during dust separation.
Fine grained hydrated lime

Fine grained hydrated lime

Fine grained hydrated lime is a hydrated lime with a high content of Ca(OH)2 (>91%) and a particle size ranging from 0 to 100 microns. It is used in the ecological sector for wastewater treatment, both directly and as lime milk, for chemical-physical treatments such as neutralization and conditioning. In the construction sector, it is used in the production of dry premixes.

Lime putty

Lime Putty

Lime putty represents a slaked lime used for the creation of “thick” plaster and mirror finishes. Its formulation offers high versatility, making it ideal for construction projects that require thicker layers and reflective finishes. Thanks to its properties, this material precisely adapts to the needs of specific applications, ensuring high-quality and long-lasting results over time.
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Production of lime in Italy


Production of lime in Italy

Lime is a versatile material with various applications, serving as a raw material for the formulation of products such as mortars for construction and chemical compounds.

Building industry

Lime, employed since antiquity, continues to play a key role in modern construction. Products such as calcium hydroxide, lime putty, and wet mortars are essential for durable constructions, ensuring quality and strength.

Steel industry

Millions of tons of pig iron and steel are produced in Italy every year, and lime is indispensable for these processes. It is used in the production of agglomerated iron ore and in the smelting and refining of steel.

Transport infrastructure

The construction of roads, railways, and other infrastructure requires huge quantities of aggregates. Lime offers the possibility of reclaiming soils considered unsuitable, transforming them into materials suitable for road subgrades and superstructures.


Lime is the ideal corrective for overly acidic soils. Through the practice of “liming”, it neutralizes acidity, creating optimal conditions for crop growth and nutrition.


Lime stands out as a natural and sustainable material. With advanced technologies, it acts as a natural reagent in wastewater treatment, sanitization of biological sludges, and purification of emissions.


Organization and Planning

Production of lime in Italy

Production of calcium carbonate in Italy

Leone La Ferla spa believes that achieving total quality is only possible through a philosophy that involves the entire company with particular attention to people, who must feel involved in achieving a common goal.

To guarantee high standards across people, products and environmental sustainability the Company’s Management has implemented and streamlined simple but effective processes, as follows:
– people constant training and motivation;
– technologically cutting-edge systems;
– lab analysis and careful control of raw materials;
– lab analysis and continuous control of finished products;
– innovative production cycles, organized in a way to always meet customers’ requests;
– timely and punctual products’ deliveries to customers made via selected and reliable carriers;



Production of lime in Italy

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