Leone La Ferla spa

Leone la Ferla Calce e Carbonato Sicilia

Who we are

(1724 – 2024)
Three hundred years of research and innovation history

Lime producer in Italy

Lime producer in Italy

Who we are

Excellence in Lime Production since 1724

Lime producer in Italy

Three hundred years of activity, research and commitment have been and are shared daily by the Company’s Management along with their trained technical staff and supported by valid operators. 

Great results have been achieved since Company’s foundation to date and, in consideration of ongoing investments, the Management believes the best is yet to come. 

Our production capacity is in excess of 100,000 tonnes of lump lime per year and this is the result of a constant commitment to technological innovation.

Years old
Types of lime produced and marketed
Employees and collaborators, including direct and subcontracted personnel
Foundation of a Tradition
The journey began in 1724 when Iacopo La Ferla embarked on his venture as a limestone master, laying the foundation for what would become a revered family tradition in lime production.
Navigating Regulatory Changes
As the landscape evolved with new laws aimed at combatting air pollution, Leone La Ferla Spa adapted, adhering to stringent regulations while upholding its commitment to environmental stewardship.
Early 20th Century
Evolution of Production Techniques
In the early 1900s, the introduction of 'continuous fire' technology revolutionized lime production, propelling Leone La Ferla Spa to the forefront of the industry.
Post-War Era
Meeting Growing Demand
Following World War II, a surge in demand for lime necessitated strategic shifts in production focus, leading to increased output and market expansion for Leone La Ferla Spa.
Visionary Expansion
A pivotal moment arrived in 1963 with the inauguration of a state-of-the-art production site in Contrada Petraro, Melilli. This marked a significant leap forward, enabling the company to set new standards in lime production.
Transformation into a Joint-Stock Company
On October 28, 1969, Leone La Ferla transformed into a joint-stock company, solidifying its position as a leading player in the lime industry.
Phases of Strengthening and Expansion
Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, the company underwent successive phases of expansion, embracing technological advancements and enhancing production capabilities to meet growing market demands.
2000s to Present
Embracing Automation and Innovation
In the new millennium, Leone La Ferla Spa embarked on a path towards automation and innovation. Investments in automated palletizing systems, plant control systems, and centralized control rooms have elevated efficiency and productivity to new heights.

Our certifications

Lime producer in Italy

Leone La Ferla spa is proud to hold internationally recognized certifications including ISO 9001 for effective quality management, ISO 14001 for responsible ecological practices, CE and DoP for compliance with safety and performance standards.

Additionally, our inclusion in niche registries such as REACH, Historic Enterprise, and Historic Brand further exemplifies our dedication to excellence and sustainability.

With Leone La Ferla spa, you can trust in uncompromising quality supported by internationally recognized standards. Join us in our journey towards excellence and sustainability.

Lime producer in iIaly


Lime producer in Italy

Headquarters and Offices:

Via Giuseppe La Ferla, 1
96010 Melilli (Siracusa)

Tel. 0931/914001 (Switchboard)
Fax 0931/914005

Email: info@leonelaferlaspa.it
PEC Email: info@pec.leonelaferlaspa.it

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